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Velocity estimation of moving ships using C-band SLC SAR data

Marques, P. M. ; Radius, R. A.

Velocity estimation of moving ships using C-band SLC SAR data, Proc UK Ministry of Defence Sensor Signal Processing for Defence - SSPD, Endinburgh, United Kingdom, Vol. 1, pp. 70 - 73, September, 2015.

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A new algorithm for the velocity vector estimation
of moving ships using Single Look Complex (SLC) SAR data in
strip map acquisition mode is proposed. The algorithm exploits
both amplitude and phase information of the Doppler decompressed
data spectrum, with the aim to estimate both the azimuth
antenna pattern and the backscattering coefficient as function of
the look angle. The antenna pattern estimation provides
information about the target velocity; the backscattering
coefficient can be used for vessel classification. The range velocity
is retrieved in the slow time frequency domain by estimating the
antenna pattern effects induced by the target motion, while the
azimuth velocity is calculated by the estimated range velocity and
the ship orientation. Finally, the algorithm is tested on simulated
SAR SLC data.