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Low-complexity MARG Algorithms for Increased Accuracy in Space Pointing Devices

Rasteiro, M. A. ; Castro, H. F. ; Bento, L. B. ; Barata, M. ; Assunção, P.A.

Low-complexity MARG Algorithms for Increased Accuracy in Space Pointing Devices, Proc IEEE International IEEE Consumer Electronics Workshop IEEE-CE Workshop, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, Vol. -, pp. - - -, March, 2015.

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This paper addresses the accuracy of space pointing devices when using absolute orientation for interaction with multimedia content. Classical accurate fusion algorithms are computationally intensive, therefore their implementation in low- energy consumption devices is a challenging task. To tackle this problem, a performance study of a relevant set of COTS MARG sensor units with low-complexity algorithms, is presented in this study. Performance evaluation tests are carried out under harsh conditions to observe the algorithms response in a non-trivial environment. The results demonstrate that the implementation of low-complexity algorithms using low-cost sensors, can provide acceptable accuracy in comparison with the more complex state- of-the-art sensors/algorithms. These results pave the way for faster adoption of absolute orientation-based pointing devices in interactive multimedia applications.