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PassCrackGUI — A Graphical User Interface for Password Cracking Tools

Santos, R. X. P. S. ; Fernandes, D. A. B. F. ; Tavares, P. T. ; Inácio , P. R. M. I. ; Freire, M.

PassCrackGUI — A Graphical User Interface for Password Cracking Tools, Proc Conf. on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Aveiro, Portugal, Vol. 10, pp. 0 - 4, September, 2015.

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Passwords are extensively used in authentication and access control mechanisms nowadays. They constitute critical pieces of information in many systems. Along the years, the techniques to safely store passwords, or their representations, have been evolving, but so have the so-called cracking tools like RainbowCrack, John the Ripper or Hashcat. This paper describes a software providing a graphical user interface for several features of the aforementioned tools in a cohesive and useful manner, termed PassCrackGUI. This tool was tested with several Portuguese databases of password representations that leaked to the Internet, and the results are discussed herein.