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The Filtering Effect of the Tikhonov Regularization

Ribeiro, A. L. ; Pasadas, D. ; Ramos, H. ; Rocha, T.

The Filtering Effect of the Tikhonov Regularization, Proc METROAEROSPACE, Benevento, Italy, Vol. 1, pp. 187 - 191, June, 2015.

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In this paper one conformal mapping
transformation is used to determine the lines of induced currents
around one hole into a thin conductor plate. These results are
used to preview the measurements that should be obtained in an
eddy current testing measurement including a scan over the hole
with a uniform field probe. The data obtained analytically is used
to invert the problem trying to obtain the current density
distribution using the Tikhonov regularization method. The lowpass
filtering of this regularization method is clarified in the case
of eddy current applications and the reconstruction of the
current is obtained.