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New Phase Shift Modulator for Resonant Converters

Ferreira, C. ; Borges, B.

New Phase Shift Modulator for Resonant Converters, Proc International Symp. in Circuits and Systems, Lisbon, Portugal, Vol. -, pp. 2105 - 2108, May, 2015.

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Resonant converters are important in the search
for high efficiency energy use and low electromagnetic
interference (EMI). In this paper, nonlinarities of the traditional
phase shift modulator (PSM) application to resonant converters
are addressed. A new modulator topology, suited for resonant
converters, is proposed. It allows input-to-output linearity,
bipolar input signals, and cumulatively a sinusoidal carrier, that
can be achieved by filtration of any other pre-existent wave.