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A Rad-Hard DC-DC Converter Controller

Silva, B. ; Guilherme, J.G. ; Horta, N.

A Rad-Hard DC-DC Converter Controller, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Electronics, Circuits and Integrated Systems - ICECS, Marseille, France, Vol. 1, pp. 439 - 442, December, 2014.

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This work presents a radiation hardening controller
for a DC-DC converter. Radiation hardening circuits are used
typically in space applications. An overview of the radiation
effects on bulk CMOS integrated circuits, as well as, the design
techniques required for radiation tolerance are presented. Power
converter constraints and trade-offs are discussed and the stateof-
the-art radiation tolerant current mode controller for switch
mode power supplies implemented is described. The controller
was integrated in AMS 0.35um CMOS technology and uses ELT
MOS transistors for radiation hardening. The fabricated IC was
tested proving its functionality.