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On the characterization of broadly truth-functional logics

Marcelino, S. ; Caleiro, C.

On the characterization of broadly truth-functional logics, Proc GeTFun Compositional Meaning in Logic - GeTFun, Vienna, Austria, Vol. 0, pp. 0 - 0, July, 2014.

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While an abstract characterization of truth-functionality in terms of a property called `cancellation' is known since long, an extension of this result so as to cover broader classes of logics characterized by semantics that extend the notion of truth-functionality resists a simple-minded approach. In our contribution we discuss some difficulties encountered alongside this task and propose a solution to the characterization quest, for the case of nondeterministic semantics, and also show how the study of such properties is of paramount importance for the effort of understanding the semantical mechanism underlying the combination of logics through the fibring method.