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W-Band OFDM-RoF Systems Employing Optical Up-Conversion

Lopes, V. Lopes ; Laurêncio, P. ; Medeiros, M. C. R.

W-Band OFDM-RoF Systems Employing Optical Up-Conversion, Proc International Conf. on Transparent Optical Networks - ICTON, Graz, Switzerland, Vol. , pp. 1 - 4, July, 2014.

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Recently, several W-Band photonic systems, operating in the 100 GHz band, have been demonstrated, employing either photonic mm-wave generation or traditional radio-over-fiber (RoF) techniques. In this paper we discuss we discuss a specific implementation of W-Band RoF system, where only one sideband of a and double sideband suppressed optical carrier (DSB-SC) optical signal is modulated with high speed data using orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) modulation. We focus on analyzing the system attainable performance, specifically we report on fiber atainable transmission distance to achieve 100 Gbps employing QPSK digital modulation.