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Two-Dimensional Transmitarray Beamsteering Using Stacked Tunable Metamaterials

Reis, J. R. ; Al-Daher, Zaid Al-Daher ; Copner, Nigel Copner ; Hammoudeh, Akram Hammoudeh ; Caldeirinha, R. F. S. ; Fernandes, T.

Two-Dimensional Transmitarray Beamsteering Using Stacked Tunable Metamaterials, Proc Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conf. – LAPC, Loughborough, United Kingdom, Vol. 1, pp. 495 - 499, November, 2014.

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Abstract--- A new 2D-beamsteering antenna technique using an electronically controlled transmitarray is presented in this paper. When coupled to a conventional horn or an array patch antenna, the proposed transmitarray has the ability to steer the main lobe of the original antenna radiation pattern in both elevation and azimuth planes, with ranges up to 30º and 30º, respectively. The transmitarray is implemented using varactor-diode controlled unit-cells with bandpass filtering characteristics around 5.35GHz. Electromagnetic simulations are presented to prove the concept.