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Wireless power transmission based on resonant electrical coupling

Fernandes, R. D. ; Matos, J. N. ; Carvalho, N.B.C.

Wireless power transmission based on resonant electrical coupling, Proc European Microwave Week/European Microwave Conf., Rome, Italy, Vol. -, pp. - - -, October, 2014.

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A novel technique for wirelessly transferring power over non-negligible distances is proposed and discussed in this document. In this technique the transfer of power is based on electrical coupling and resonance. In contrast, other systems proposed in the literature in the same class tend to make use of magnetic coupling. With prototypes measuring 16 by 16~cm by 3.7~cm at most it was possible to achieve a power efficiency of approximately 40\% at a distance of 5 meters. These preliminary results indicate that resonant electrical coupling can be used for wireless power transmission (WPT) purposes.