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Assessment of an Enhanced ResultSet Component for Accessing Relational Databases

Pereira, O. ; Aguiar, R. ; Santos, Maribel Santos

Assessment of an Enhanced ResultSet Component for Accessing Relational Databases, Proc International Conf. on Software Technology and Engineering - ICSTE, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Vol. I, pp. 194 - 201, October, 2010.

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Call Level Interfaces (CLI) provide services aimed at easing the integration of database components and components from client applications. CLI support native SQL statements keeping this way expressiveness and performance of SQL. Thus, they cannot be discarded as a valid option whenever SQL expressiveness and SQL performance are considered key requirements. Despite the aforementioned performance advantage, CLI do not comprise other important performance features, as concurrency over the in-memory data. In this paper we present and assess a component that is a concurrent version of the ResultSet interface from the JDBC API. Several threads may interact simultaneously in the same instance of the ResultSet in a concurrent fashion and can be simultaneously connected to the underlying database. The main contributions of this paper are twofold: i) the design of an Enhanced ResultSet Component to provide a concurrent access to relational databases; ii) the evaluation of its performance. The Enhaced ResultSet performance will be assessed in a real scenario. The outcome shows that the gain in performance may increase until 80%.