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Efficient Simulation of Nonlinear Effects on Multicarrier Signals

Dinis, R. ; Guerreiro, J.

Efficient Simulation of Nonlinear Effects on Multicarrier Signals, Proc IASTED International Conf. on Modelling, Identification and Control - MIC, Innsbruck, Austria, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 6, February, 2014.

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Multicarrier signals are know to be very prone to nonlinear effects due to their high envelope fluctuations. This makes the simulation of multicarrier systems, required for its performance evaluation and/or its optimization, very complex due to the high oversampling requirements inherent to the significant spectral widening associated to commonly used nonlinear characteristics. In this paper we present an efficient approach for the performance evaluation of multicarrier systems with nonlinear transmitters. It is shown that we can accurately simulate nonlinear effects in multicarrier signals without the need for high oversampling.