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Subjective Assessment of Frame Loss Concealment Methods in 3D Video

Carreira, J. F. M. ; Pinto, L.F.H.P. ; Rodrigues, Nuno M. M. ; Faria, S.M.M. ; Assunção, P.A.

Subjective Assessment of Frame Loss Concealment Methods in 3D Video, Proc Picture Coding Symp., Nagoya, Japan, Vol. 1, pp. 182 - 185 -, December, 2010.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/PCS.2010.5702455


This paper investigates the subjective impact resulting from different concealment methods for coping with lost frames in 3D video communication systems. It is assumed that a high priority channel is assigned to the main view and only the auxiliary view is subject to either transmission errors or packet loss, leading to missing frames at the decoder output. Three methods are used for frame concealment under different loss ratios. The results show that depth is well perceived by users and the subjective impact of frame loss not only depends on the concealment method but also exhibits high correlation with the disparity of the original sequence. It is also shown that under heavy loss conditions it is better to switch from 3D to 2D rather than presenting concealed 3D video to users.