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A Channel-Manageable IP Multicast Support Framework for Distributed Mobility Management

Jeon, S. ; Figueiredo, Sérgio Figueiredo ; Aguiar, R.

A Channel-Manageable IP Multicast Support Framework for Distributed Mobility Management, Proc IFIP Wireless Days 2012, Dublin, Ireland, Vol. -, pp. - - -, November, 2012.

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As the rapid increase of Internet traffic is becoming a serious problem, mobile Internet networks are moving towards flat architectures. Distributed mobility management (DMM) is expected to be one of the key technologies tackling the problem by distributing the data traffic concentrated on a centralized anchor to different access routers. For deploying IP multicasting on mobile network, a Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Proxy is generally considered due to its lightweight feature compared to multicast routing protocols. Following DMM requirement being defined in IETF, an upstream interface of MLD Proxy on an access router is basically fixed towards mobile node (MN)’s anchor to keep the mobility state with unicast session in same entity. It causes unnecessary multicast traffic due to multiple tunnels established with several access routers for common multicast channel. This runs counter to the objective of the DMM. In this paper, we propose a channel-manageable IP multicast framework for distributed mobility management, called (CM-DMM), managing all the multicast channels on Mobility Access Routers (MARs) and controlling which channel should be local or remote. We confronted the performance of CM-DMM against DMM with fixed MLD upstream decision towards each MN’s mobility anchor, analyzing in terms of duplicate channels and traffic according to the MNs’ movement and channel locality ratio. Simulation results demonstrate that CM-DMM is effective to highly reduce unnecessary multicast traffic relatively to DMM with fixed MLD upstream decision. Additional performance factors of CM-DMM are discussed, as well considerations for practical deployment in multicast/broadcast networks.