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Hand Veins Recognition System

Neves, J. R. ; Correia, P.L.

Hand Veins Recognition System, Proc International Conf. on Computer Vision Theory and Applications - VISAPP, Lisbon, Portugal, Vol. ., pp. . - ., January, 2014.

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Accurate protection systems capable of replacing the traditional passwords and ID cards are essential, for commodity and for security reasons. A hand-vein pattern recognition system is just one of a vast group of biometrics techniques under research, in order to become the reference recognition system. This paper presents a hand vein biometric recognition system that uses the hand blood vessels pattern to identify an individual. All biometric systems have an immense application potential as they present advantages over the traditional identification systems. They are able to work with patterns that are very hard to duplicate, since they are different from person to person, and it is also impossible to lose of forget them, since the biometric characteristics are intrinsically attached to the human body. The developed approach was created with the intent of providing an effective protection system despite having been designed and implemented using inexpensive hardware, in comparison with the biometric recognition systems presently offered at a commercial level. The results show that a reliable system can be produced at a low cost and can be used standalone or in combination with other systems.