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Holographic gratings using Norland Optical Adhesive (NOA 68)

Sequeira, F. ; André, P.S ; Pinto, J. L.

Holographic gratings using Norland Optical Adhesive (NOA 68), Proc Delft University of Technology 5th conference on Physics Teaching in Engineering Education PTEE, Delft, Netherlands, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 4, October, 2007.

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Holographic gratings can be recorded using Norland optical adhesive 68 (NOA68). Norland adhesives
are quickly polymerized upon UV irradiation and usually used for gluing. However, these adhesives
can also be used as a recording material to produce optical diffractive elements.
The film is deposited on a glass substrate by spin-coating technique. Subsequently, the film is cured
through UV exposition, more specifically, to the interference pattern produced by two planar waves,
producing a holographic diffracting grating. The methodology and the technical content are explored
for physics education. Some preliminary results will be presented and discussed.