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SignalBIT: A web-based platform for real-time biosignal visualization and recording

Alves, A. P. Alves ; Silva, H. ; Lourenço, A. ; Fred, A. L. N.

SignalBIT: A web-based platform for real-time biosignal visualization and recording, Proc International Conf. on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications, Reykjavik, Iceland, Vol. , pp. 156 - 162, July, 2013.

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Biosignals have had an increasingly important role in the research and development of new applications for healthcare, sports, quality of life, and many other fields. Still, researchers are often faced with problems
related with the ease-of-use and practicality of software tools for rapid prototyping of applications that involve biosignal acquisition and processing. Typically, there are either highly flexible scientific computing tools or custom developed and application-specific tools, the former being often characterized by long learning curves and limited user interface design capabilities, while the latter is often characterized by poor cross-platform compatibility, and overheads in terms of development time when new features are needed. In this paper we present a versatile, flexible, and extensible software framework for rapid prototyping of end-user applications, specifically targeted at biosignal acquisition and post-processing. We build on the advantages of combining web technologies with the Python programming language, to improve the usability, interaction, cross-platform compatibility, extensibility, and flexibility of biosignal-based applications.