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Protecting Privacy of Identities in Federated OperatorEnvironments

Weyl, B.W. ; Brandão, P. ; al., et.

Protecting Privacy of Identities in Federated OperatorEnvironments, Proc IST Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit, Dresden, Germany, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, June, 2005.

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Personalized, mobile, and location-aware services definitely require the federation of administrative domains, i.e., access network operators, content and service providers. Various federated operator scenarios, reflecting different levels of content and service aggregation, require the secure setup of a Circle of Trust. Standards and technologies, such as proposed by the Liberty Alliance Project or by application of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), already support the idea of building federations by connecting identities, roles, and profiles. But the option of protecting different levels of privacy for the user is yet not guaranteed. This paper introduces a concept for the federation of identities and roles between administrative domains, while still protecting the privacy of the customer by the use of identity concealment and dynamically created federated identities. The concept enables a very efficient, secure and adaptive privacy protection for service registration at different layers, having access control to value-added services, as well as to network services