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A secure wireless architecture to access a virtualelectronic patient record

Ferreira, A. ; Barreto, L. ; Brandão, P. ; Correia, R. ; Sargento, S. ; Antunes, L.

A secure wireless architecture to access a virtualelectronic patient record, Proc ICST Security and Privacy in Mobile Health Care Workshop - PMHCS, Innsbruck, Austria, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, November, 2006.

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Virtual electronic patient records (VEPR) enable the integration and sharing of healthcare information within large and heterogeneous organizations. The use of wireless technology can improve and fasten healthcare treatment because it brings information to the point of decision allowing also for users’ mobility. This use has to comply with security requirements as the wireless technology introduces some specific security problems. The main objective of this work is to model and develop a proposal for a secure wireless architecture in order to access a VEPR. This VEPR is being used within a university hospital by more than 500 doctors, on a daily basis. Its users would greatly benefit if this service would be extended to a wider part of the hospital and not only to their workplace. They would achieve faster and greater mobility in the treatment of their patients. The wireless architecture includes the latest wireless security standards and protocols, and models security requirements according to users and organizations’ needs. It provides an extra security layer to the wired system. In this paper we also present an evaluation of the proposed solutions against network attacks and its efficiency in terms of complexity and impact within the network.