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A Platform for Operator-Driven Network Virtualization

Nogueira, J. ; Melo, M. ; Carapinha, J. ; Sargento, S.

A Platform for Operator-Driven Network Virtualization, Proc Conf. on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Lisboa, Portugal, Vol. NA, pp. NA - NA, April, 2011.

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Network virtualization enables the support of multi-
ple networks, running different protocols, coexisting and sharing
the same infrastructure in an independent way. With that goal
in mind, this paper presents a Platform for Operator-driven
Network Virtualization that builds virtual networks through a
user-friendly interface, integrating virtual network mapping and
creation, discovery, monitoring, and management functionalities.
Besides the developed functionalities, this platform contains
novel mechanisms for network discovery and mapping: a novel
dynamic distributed discovery algorithm of both physical and
virtual nodes, and a heuristic algorithm for virtual resources
mapping in the physical infrastructure that supports the hetero-
geneity of networks, in both links and nodes.
The platform and its features were implemented and evaluated
in different scenarios. The obtained results show the scalability
and feasibility of the proposed mechanisms and functionalities
in a single platform for network virtualization control and