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Perceiving Interactive Sketching Through Facial Expressions

Miranda, J.C. ; Alvarez, X. ; Soleno, J.A. ; Sousa, A.A.S ; Fernández, I.F ; Orvalho, V.

Perceiving Interactive Sketching Through Facial Expressions, Proc ACM Symp. on Applied Perception - SAP, Los Angeles, United States, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, August, 2012.

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Facial Animation is the key element to convey emotions in virtual
characters. One of the major challenges in interactive systems (e.g.
games, virtual worlds) and off-line systems (mainly used in films) is
to ensure that the characters are highly expressive to reinforce the
spectators’ ‘suspension of disbelief’. It is necessary to create believable
facial expressions to guarantee a correct perception of the
emotions [Ekman and Friesen 1971]. Creating appealing and convincing
facial animations is a laborious and time-consuming process
that only expert digital artists are capable of doing. Usually
animators work with rigged 3D models. A rig is analogous to the
strings that control a puppet. This process still involves heavy manual
work as the artist needs to manipulate the controls individually.
Requiring them many hours or weeks to create believable results.