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Impairment compensation in long-reach integrated optical-wireless PON

Llorente, R. ; Morant, M. ; Martinez, F. M. ; Alves , T. M. F. ; Cartaxo, A. ; Quinlan, T. Q ; Walker, S. ; Rodrigues, C.Rodrigues ; Herrera, J. H. ; al., et.

Impairment compensation in long-reach integrated optical-wireless PON, Proc Future Network and Mobile Summit, Berlin, Germany, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 9, July, 2012.

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This paper reports the results of the proof-of-concept developed to
demonstrate the centralized full transmission impairment compensation between the
central office and the user’s premises in long-reach passive optical networks (LRPONs).
The impairment compensation technique uses the information from a
broadband channel sounding performed by only nine extra RF-pilots. The
transmission of OFDM-based quadruple-play services (GbE-OFDM, LTE, WiMAX
and UWB) along LR-PONs with total reach of 100 km is demonstrated without inline
optical dispersion compensation. This reach could not be obtained without the
proposed centralized impairment compensation technique due to the distortion of
UWB signals. The proposed compensation technique provides an EVM
improvement of 5.2 dB in the higher UWB band after 100 km SMF transmission.
Bi-directional communication of the OFDM-based bundle is achieved at 100 km.