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Designing Soft-Switching DC-DC Converters in CMOS Technology

Costa, V. ; Santos, P. M. ; Borges, B.

Designing Soft-Switching DC-DC Converters in CMOS Technology, Proc CETC- Conf. on Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers , Lisboa, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. ID59 - ID59, November, 2011.

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This paper presents a study of resonant converter topologies targeted for CMOS integration. Design methodologies to optimize efficiency for the integration of Quasi-Resonant and Quasi-Square-Wave converters are proposed. A power loss model is used to optimize the design parameters of the power stage, including the driver circuits, and also to conclude about CMOS technology limitations. Based on this discussion, and taking as reference a 0.35ìm CMOS process, two converters are design to validate the design procedures proposed, a Quasi Resonant boost converter operating at 100MHz and a Quasi-Square-Wave buck converter operating at 70MHz. Simulation results confirm the feasibility of these topologies for monolithic integration.