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Mind Maps as Behavior Controllers for Virtual Characters

Fernandes, T. ; Serra, J. ; Órdoñez, J. O. ; Orvalho, V.

Mind Maps as Behavior Controllers for Virtual Characters, Proc , Austin, United States, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, May, 2012.

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We propose a new mind map interface method for
controlling virtual character's artificial intelligence and
behavior in games. Commonly used techniques, such as
scripting, require an extensive analysis and discrimination
of all the possible behaviors that are triggered by the
stimuli received by the virtual character. Scripting is also
subject to strict syntax rules that may be hard to
comprehend by non-expert users. Instead, our method can
be easily created by users that do not have any technical
background, since they graphically represent the natural
process of organizing information in the human brain.
Our mind map interface method follows a behavior-based
architecture combined with an emotional depth module to
control the character's behaviors individually in a game.
We implemented a graph-based visual editor to ease the
definition of the mind map nodes interactively. We also
show how mind maps were implemented in the
LIFEisGAME (LearnIng of Facial Expressions usIng
Serious GAMEs) project as a proof of concept.