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A Front-End to Vehicular Communications

Almeida, N. ; Matos, J. N. ; Alves, J.A.

A Front-End to Vehicular Communications, Proc IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2011 International Conf. on Computer as a Tool joint with the Conf. on Telecommunications, Lisboa, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, April, 2011.

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This paper presents the definition and construction of a front end for use in vehicular communications in the 5.9 GHz frequency band. The front end was developed in accordance with the IEEE 8022.11p standard, which defines the physical layer for short-range WLAN communications in road-transport environments. The front end that corresponds to the analog part including the receiver and the transmitter will subsequently be integrated into the laboratory prototype used for demonstration purposes