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Avaliação de QoE em Serviços de Voz sobre Redes IP

Cardeal, S. C. ; Soares, S.S. ; Neves, F.N. ; Assunção, P.A. ; Tavares, F. T.

Avaliação de QoE em Serviços de Voz sobre Redes IP, Proc AES Encontro de Engenharia de Áudio da AES Portugal, Aveiro, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 5, October, 2010.

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This paper presents a non-reference parametric Mean Opinion Score (MOS)-based quality model intended for
monitoring the Quality of Experience as given by the users of VoIP services. The proposed model results from the
experimental results carried out at the Research Labs of Portugal Telecom Inovação (PTin) using an IP Network and
validated by using a specific probe and the “Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality” (PESQ) algorithm, described in
the Rec. ITU-T P.862 [1]. It was derived from the E-Model, described in the Rec. ITU-T G.107 [2] and calibrated by
using results from the PESQ. Various codecs and packet loss rates were selected to take the relevant results. The results
show that the MOS obtain from proposed model , match class 2 of conformance tests as defined in Rec. ITU-T P.564