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Georeferencing for Coordinated Positioning Applications

Barroso, T.B. ; Sanguino, J. ; Rodrigues, A. J.

Georeferencing for Coordinated Positioning Applications, Proc Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symp. - WPMC, Brest, France, Vol. --, pp. 319 - 323, October, 2011.

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In situations of natural disasters or
similar, people involved in civil protection
operations need the highest degree of
coordination. When resorting to digital means of
coordination like positioning applications that rely
on the Global Positioning System (GPS) to show
users their position on digitalized cartography,
users expect their position to be shown as
accurately as possible. To achieve this, the images
used as cartography must be associated with
accurate geographical coordinates although
sometimes that is not enough because the process
of associating geographical information to an
image, called georeferencing, has errors. The best
way to minimize these errors is to increase the
amount of geographical information, in the form
of georeferencing points, associated with the used
image. In this paper the amount of geographical
information required for an image to be used as a
reliable map in a coordinated positioning
application is studied.