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Printed antenna for On-Board Unit of a DSRC System

Varum, T. ; Matos, J. N. ; Pinho, P.

Printed antenna for On-Board Unit of a DSRC System, Proc IEEE AP-S/URSI International Symp., Spokane, United States, Vol. , pp. 457 - 460, July, 2011.

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Vehicular communications, among vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructures are based on wireless communication technology known as dedicated short range communications (DSRC), which are in great development with the aim of reduce the traffic problems and improve the road safety. This study is based on the development of a solution to an antenna to be used in the mobile module, usually named On-Board Unit (OBU). The antenna should have characteristics that meet the requirements for new DSRC at 5.9 GHz band in Europe. The proposed antenna is a printed monopole with a reduced size that presents an omnidirectional radiation pattern in the horizontal plane and allows communications independently of the direction of vehicles. The wide bandwidth obtained is to enough to encompass the other band for DSRC communications used in Europe, at 5.8 GHz, and become more tolerant to manufacturing problems.