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Experimental Apparatus for Finger ECG Biometrics

Lourenço, R. L. ; Leite, P. L. ; Lourenço, A. ; Silva, H. ; Antão, DPC ; Fred, A. L. N.

Experimental Apparatus for Finger ECG Biometrics, Proc INSTICC International Conf. on Biomedical Electronics and Devices - Biodevices, Vilamoura, Portugal, Vol. , pp. 196 - 200, February, 2012.

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Current Electrocardiographic (ECG) signal acquisition methods are generally highly intrusive, as they involve the use of pre-gelled electrodes and cabled sensors placed directly on the person, at the chest or limbs level. Moreover, systems that make use of alternative conductive materials to overcome this issue, only provide heart rate information and not the detailed signal itself. We present a comparison and evaluation of two types of dry electrodes as interface with the skin, targeting wearable and low intrusiveness applications, that enable ECG measurement without the need for any apparatus permanently fitted to the individual. In particular, our approach is targeted at ECG biometrics using signals collected at the hand or finger level. A custom differential circuit with virtual ground was also developed for enhanced usability. Our work builds upon the current state-of-the-art, in sensoring devices and processing tools and enables novel data acquisition settings by the use of dry electrodes. Experimental evaluation was performed for Ag/AgCl and Electrolycras electrodes, and results show that both materials exhibit adequate performance for the intended application.