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Compact printed C-shaped monopole antenna with chip inductor

Luo, Q. L. ; Salgado, H. ; Pereira, J. R.

Compact printed C-shaped monopole antenna with chip inductor, Proc IEEE AP-S/URSI International Symp., Spokane, United States, Vol. 1, pp. 156 - 159, July, 2011.

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This paper presents one compact printed monopole antenna with one chip inductor embedded on the radiation elements. By introducing the chip inductor, the resonant frequency of the original antenna can be decreased by more than 37% while there is no significant influence on its radiation characteristics including radiation efficiency and antenna gain. Meanwhile, after adding the chip inductor, the higher mode of the original antenna can also be brought down to a lower frequency, which makes the proposed antenna resonate at the dual frequency band and simultaneously have a compact size. This antenna has a C-shaped geometry and its parameters including the location of the chip inductor are optimized by doing parametrical studies in Ansoft HFSS. The measurement and simulation results show that the proposed C-shaped monopole antenna can operate at 2.55-2.65GHz and 5.1-5.3GHz with peak gain of 2.2 and 4.7dB, respectively. Moreover, according to the simulation results, the radiation efficiency of this antenna at both bands is around 90%.