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Position Paper on Networked 3D Multimedia

Kovács, P. T. ; Wood, D. ; Danet, P. ; Assunção, P.A. ; Fuschi, D. ; Debono, J ; Alliez, D. ; Gotchev, A.

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Date: June 2012

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3D technology is expected to change the way we interact with other people, audiovisual information, and technology. This will in turn affect many domains of modern society, ranging from entertainment, education to medicine and engineering, and might help addressing major societal and economic concerns we are facing. However, wider acceptance of 3D technology is conditioned by solving challenges on the levels of technology, human factors and community/organization. This Position Paper on 3D networked multimedia aims to explain these challenges, to present a common vision on how to address them and identify gaps where further research is needed to develop new and better technology and business models, ultimately for the benefit of users across Europe.