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CA15104 TD(19)09043 Agile Radio Channel Sounder for 5G Propagation Modelling at mmWave Frequencies

Caldeirinha, R. F. S. ; Sardo, A. ; Tribovane, B. ; Leonor, N.

Reference Number: IRACON 9th Technical Meeting, Dublin, Jan., 2019

Date: January 2019

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This Temporary Document (TD) presents an agile
and low-cost radio channel sounder based on the crosscorrelation
properties of pseudo-noise (PN) random sequences,
identified in the literature as a swept time delayed crosscorrelation
(STDCC) channel sounder, also commonly named
as a sliding correlation sounder. This sounder enables the
characterisation of highly dynamic doubly selective channels,
providing both amplitude and Doppler spectra information for
each tap of the power delay profile (PDP). It performs real time
measurements of specific radio channels with a high resolution
of 1ns for adjacent multipath components (MPC’s), and a
current maximum Doppler spread of 1kHz. The amplitude
measurements given by the sounder, shown as PDPs, have a
dynamic range of about 60 dB. This TD provides detailed
information on the most relevant components used to develop
the sounder, and presents some of the calibration measurements
performed on the bench, as well as specific RF measurements at
18, 28 and 60 GHz in several indoor scenarios.