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Insoluble Patterns of Cross-Linkable Conjugated Polymers from Blend Demixing in Spin Cast Films

Charas, A. ; Ferreira, Q. ; Farinhas, J. ; Matos, M. ; Alcácer, L. ; Morgado, J.

Macromolecules Vol. 42, Nº , pp. 7903 - 7912, October, 2009.

ISSN (print): 0024-9297
ISSN (online): 1520-5835

Scimago Journal Ranking: 2,97 (in 2009)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1021/ma902438j

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ABSTRACT: Insoluble patterns of cross-linkable conjugated polymers, CPs, are obtained from spin
coating their blends with polystyrene, PS, following an approach first demonstrated for poly [2-methoxy-
5-(20-ethyl)hexyloxy-2,4-phenylenevinylene] (MEH-PPV) by Castro et al. (Chem. Mater. 2006, 18, 5504).
Taking advantage of the CP and PS tendency to phase separate, we make use of CP functionality to be crosslinked,
so PS can be removed, leaving behind a solvent-resistant pattern. Columnar, spike, and porous
structures can be obtained. Furthermore, we show that these patterns morphologies and dimensions can be
controlled by adjusting the experimental conditions and the PS molecular weight. We present strategies to
tune cross-linkable CP’s films morphologies aiming for applications in organic solar cells and light-emitting