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A promising and low-cost prototype to evaluate the motor pattern of nutritive and nonnutritive suction in newborns

Cunha, M. C. ; Barreiros, J. ; Dias Pereira, J. M. ; Viegas, V. ; Banha, C. ; Diniz, A. ; Pereira, M. P. ; Barroso, R. ; Carreiro, H.

Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine Vol. 8, Nº 2, pp. 1 - 11, October, 2019.

ISSN (print): 2281-0692
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Digital Object Identifier: 10.7363/080220

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Introduction: Non-nutritive sucking (NNS) plays an important role in stabilizing the preterm, providing oral muscle training opportunity for nutritive sucking (NS). We aim to determine if the prototype tested allows a precise evaluation of suction pattern characteristics (rhythmic structure and pressure). We also aim to investigate the role of maturation in the variation of NNS an NS pattern in preterm infants