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Internet of Things Discovery in Interoperable Information Centric and IP Networks

Quevedo, J. ; Ferreira, R. ; Guimarães, C. ; Aguiar, R. ; Corujo, D.

Internet Technologies Letters Vol. -, Nº -, pp. - - -, June, 2017.

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ISSN (online): 2476-1508

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Digital Object Identifier: 10.1002/itl2.1

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been enabling the deployment of new scenarios where the physical and digital worlds interact in unprecedented new ways. These interactions have manifested inadequacies of existing infrastructures and protocols, showcasing the need for evolutions, or more disruptive technologies. New architectures, such as Named Data Networking (NDN), offer new ways to interact with content at the networking layer, which have prompted the interest for IoT scenarios, but are not compatible with existing approaches. This letter presents a solution that provides interoperation and enhanced publish-subscribe content-centric mechanisms, allowing the NDN and IP worlds to co-exist, in IoT scenarios.