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Blind deblurring of two-layer images

Almeida, M. ; Almeida , L.

Blind deblurring of two-layer images, Proc Portuguese Conf. on Pattern Recognition - RecPad, Aveiro, Portugal, Vol. -, pp. - - -, October, 2009.

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This work presents a method for deblurring an image
consisting of two layers (a foreground layer and a back-
ground layer) which have suffered different, unknown blurs.
We extended a previously proposed blind deblurring
method to the present foreground + background degrada
tion. As in the original method, the approach presented here does not need to impose strong constraints on the blurring filters. The method is almost completely blind, requiring just a coarse indication of which are the foreground and background areas of the image.
Synthetic and real-life experiments show that the method
is able to reasonably recover, from a single degraded im-
age: the complete deblurred image, the deblurred fore-
ground and background images, and a mask providing the segmentation between foreground and background.