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Belt Antenna for Wearable Applications

Gaspar, D. Gaspar ; Moreira, A. A.

Belt Antenna for Wearable Applications, Proc IEEE AP-S/URSI International Symp., Carleston, United States, Vol. --, pp. -- - --, June, 2009.

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There has been increasing interest recently in wearable antennas for use in on- and off-body applications. Published results include fabric based flexible antennas [1]-[3], and antennas on accessory pieces like buttons [4]-[5] and belts [6].

This paper presents the design and study of a microstrip fed belt antenna that can be used in the GSM (900 and 1800), UMTS and IEEE802.11b-g bands. The antenna materials and dimensions used in this study were chosen to fit in a real application scenario. The antenna was tested with a human user wearing it, in order to investigate the influence of the body on its impedance matching.