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Evaluation of Pre-processing in Road Pavement Image Analysis

Oliveira, H. ; Correia, P.L.

Evaluation of Pre-processing in Road Pavement Image Analysis, Proc Conf. on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, Vol. , pp. 263 - 266, May, 2009.

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This paper addresses the problem of automatic detection and classification of road pavement surface cracks by the analysis of images acquired during road pavement surface surveys. In particular, pre-processing techniques and their combination are discussed and evaluated. Local statistics, as the mean and standard deviation of pixel intensities, computed for non-overlapping image regions, are considered. The various pre-processing techniques are combined in different orders, to evaluate their impact in adequately modelling the feature space and thus leading to the best distress detection results. A set of well-know metrics is used for the evaluation, to conclude about the best pre-processing order