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Comprehensive Statistical analysis of Holograms in context of coding

Tausif, M. ; Khan, E. ; Sousa, M. ; Pinheiro, A.

Comprehensive Statistical analysis of Holograms in context of coding, Proc IEEE IEEE International conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Technology and Management for Social Innovation IATMSI-2022, Gwalior, India, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2022.

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This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the statistical features of holograms used in JPEG Pleno framework. The statistical features studied in this work include mean and standard deviation. Along with these analysis the histograms and correlation coefficient have also been studied. This study aims to explore the correlation among the pixels of the hologram in context of coding. The results show that the real and imagi- nary parts/amplitude and phase parts of holograms are almost uncorrelated and have different characteristics. So, the state-of- the-art coders designed for natural images may not be suitable for holographic data coding. However, the histograms of the holograms considered in this work have non uniform distribution with less variations and low dynamic range. This indicates that the hologram can be coded with good level of compression.