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Quality analysis of point cloud coding solutions

Prazeres, J. ; Sousa, M. ; Pinheiro, A.

Quality analysis of point cloud coding solutions, Proc IS&T/SPIE - Electronic Imaging, Conference Online, Vol. , pp. - , January, 2022.

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In this paper, a subjective quality based comparison between four point clouds codecs is presented. For that, a set of six point clouds was chosen. They were coded with four different point cloud encoding solutions, notably the MPEG V-PCC and G-PCC, a deep learning coding solution RS-DLPCC and also Draco, with different bit rates. A subjective test where the distorted and reference point clouds were rotated in a video sequence side by side followed by the quality evaluation, was conducted. Then the performance of a set of four point cloud objective quality metrics of he quality, was analysed using the subjective quality evaluation results. These metrics are usually reported as providing a good representation and are often used to evaluate compression solutions. In fact, the studied metrics tend to provide a good representation for V-PCC and G-PCC, an acceptable representation for RS-DLPCC, and a bad representation for Draco. It was also concluded that V-PCC is the best codec of the studied ones. The deep learning based solution still performs worst than the two MPEG codecs.