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Plenoptic Quality Assessment: The JPEG Pleno Experience

Pinheiro, A.

Plenoptic Quality Assessment: The JPEG Pleno Experience, Proc ACM - Multimedia, Chengdu, China, Vol. 0, pp. 5675 - 5677, October, 2021.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1145/3474085.3478874

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Plenoptic representations, like light fields, point clouds or digital
holography, provide the means for 3D representations suitable for
multiple immersive and computer vision applications. JPEG has
been standardizing coding tools for these types of plenoptic data in
its project JPEG Pleno. This standardization effort has been developing quality assessment models suitable for the quality evaluation
of the coding technologies. In this tutorial the quality assessment
methodologies defined for the evaluation of the different proposals
of the three plenoptic modalities, are explained. The tutorial also
includes possible alternatives considered in the definition of the
quality assessment models and the selection of appropriate anchors
decided during JPEG Pleno development process