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Multi-access Edge Computing: A 5G Technology

Parada, C. P. ; Fontes, F. ; Marques, C . M. M. ; Cunha , V. A. ; Leitão, CL

Multi-access Edge Computing: A 5G Technology, Proc European Conf. on Networks and Communications - EUCNC, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Vol. , pp. - , June, 2018.

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One of the most challenging KPIs defined by the ITU-T (IMT-2020) for 5G is "latency below 1 ms". This is a key requirement for an emerging era of new applications, such as virtual and augmented reality, video analytics, or Industry 4.0. Those applications require low latency to enable the so-called tactile Internet. However, relying on large centralized datacenters as today, this requirement defies the laws of physics. The solution is edge computing, a technology aiming to deploy applications at the edge of the network, closer to end users. Altice Labs has been contributing to the standardization of this technology from the beginning, and is currently prototyping a fully functional and ETSI standards-compliant solution. The first version of this prototype has been already released and a proof-of-concept (PoC) has been deployed at the Altice PT Labs. This paper describes the edge computing technology, the prototype under development, the PoC integration and the results of the preliminary evaluation already performed.