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Supporting Pre-shared Keys in Closed Implementations of TLS

Regateiro, D. ; Pereira, O. ; Aguiar, R.

Supporting Pre-shared Keys in Closed Implementations of TLS, Proc INSTICC Intl. Conf. on Data Science, Technology and Applications DATA, Madrid, Spain, Vol. 6, pp. 192 - 199, July, 2017.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.5220/0006424701920199

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In the business world, data is generally the most important asset of a company that must be protected.
However, it must be made available to provide a wide variety of services, and so it can become the target of
attacks by malicious users. Such attacks can involve eavesdropping the network or gaining unauthorized
access, allowing such an attacker to access sensitive information. Secure protocols, such as Transport Layer
Security (TLS), are usually used to mitigate these attacks. Unfortunately, most implementations force
applications to use digital certificates, which may not always be desirable due to trust or monetary issues.
Furthermore, implementations are usually closed and cannot be extended to support other authentication
methods. In this article, a methodology is proposed to slightly modify closed implementations of the TLS
protocol that only support digital certificates, so pre-shared keys are used to protect the communication
between two entities instead. A performance assessment is carried out on a proof-of-concept to demonstrate
its feasibility and performance.