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Blind image deblurring using class-adapted image priors

Ljubenovic, M. ; Figueiredo, M. A. T.

Blind image deblurring using class-adapted image priors, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Image Processing - ICIP, Beijing, China, Vol. , pp. - , September, 2017.

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Blind image deblurring (BID) is an ill-posed inverse problem, usually addressed by imposing prior knowledge on the (unknown) image and on the blurring filter. Most of the work on BID has focused on natural images, using image priors based on statistical properties of generic natural images. However, in many applications, it is known that the image being recovered belongs to some specific class (e.g., text, face, fingerprints), and exploiting this knowledge allows obtaining more accurate priors. In this work, we propose a method where a Gaussian mixture model (GMM) is used to learn a class-adapted prior, by training on a dataset of clean images of that class. Experiments show the competitiveness of the proposed method in terms of restoration quality when dealing with images containing text, faces, or fingerprints. Additionally, experiments show that the proposed method is able to handle text images at high noise levels, outperforming state-of-the art methods specifically designed for BID of text images.