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Offroad tracks - A web mapping application proposal for track sharing and query

Goulart, LG ; Rodrigues, ; Gonçalves, P.

Offroad tracks - A web mapping application proposal for track sharing and query, Proc Iberian Conf. on Information Systems and Technologies - CISTI, Águeda, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, June, 2015.

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Every year hundreds of touristic off-road initiatives are organized, in which participants automatically record the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the track using handheld devices. Among other are registered the vehicle position, speed, and altitude. This data allows inferring relevant information such as the difficulty of the road and the recommended speed for a variety of scenarios. For instance, during fire-fighting, fire and civil protection can verify if these paths are useful and appropriate for their vehicle, thus improving response time. This article discusses the design of an open source web mapping application that features track sharing and uses those tracks to generate value for other activities. The article explains how the application selects and sorts paths composed by TTT tracks and normal roads, using diverse features to assist the decision making process of institutions such as Fire Department corporations. The current interface of the application is presented and includes a dynamic map and a landmark manager.