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Multi-User and Multi-Tier SC-FDMA with IA and IB-DFE

Aido, JA ; Castanheira, D. ; Silva, A. ; Gameiro, A. ; Dinis, R.

Multi-User and Multi-Tier SC-FDMA with IA and IB-DFE, Proc Conf. on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Aveiro, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 4, September, 2015.

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In this paper we consider the uplink of a single carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) based system, where a set of small-cells coexist with a macro-cell using the same spectrum. To deal with inter-carrier and inter-system interferences we combine interference alignment (IA) precoding, at the transmitters, with iterative decision feedback equalization, at the receivers. IA is used both at the macro cell UTs and small-cells UT to align the interference along a low dimensional subspace at the macro-cell and small-cell receiver, respectively. The results have shown that the proposed receiver structures are robust to the inter-system interferences and are able to efficient separate the macro and small cells spatial streams.