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The See-Through System: A VANET-Enabled Assistant for Overtaking Maneuvers

Olaverri , C. ; Gomes, P. ; Fernandes, R. ; Vieira, F. V. ; Ferreira, M.

The See-Through System: A VANET-Enabled Assistant for Overtaking Maneuvers, Proc IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symp. - IV, San Diego, United States, Vol. ., pp. 123 - 128, June, 2010.

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The use of wireless technology based on Vehicular
Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) for information exchange can
influence the drivers’ behavior towards improving driving
performance and reducing road accidents. This information can
even be more relevant if it is presented as a video stream.
In this paper we propose a system that relies on VANET and
video-streaming technology: the See-Through System (STS). The
system enhances driver’s visibility and supports the driver’s
overtaking decision in challenging situations, such as overtaking
a vision-obstructing vehicle. The use of the See-Through System
provides the driver with an additional tool for determining if
traffic conditions permit starting an overtaking maneuver thus
reducing the risk of overtaking. We tested the See-Through
System on an experimental vehicle on the road as well as in
the context of a driving simulator for real world environment.
Results are promising, since the use of the 802.11p standard
wireless communication protocol allows a vehicle-to-vehicle
connection without significant delay and the totality of the
participants regarded the information provided by the STS as