Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications

Project: COST IC0603 (ASSIST)

Acronym: ASSIST
Main Objective:
• To assist in the research & development of antenna systems and sensors necessary for the new ubiquitous wireless society
o Coordinate existing research
o Suggest new topics
o Stand in a scientific/technological survey attitude
• To contribute to the visibility of antenna activities in Europe and to lobby for new projects
o Creation of an European Antenna community
o Conferences and Workshops
o Exchange of researchers
o Interactions academy-industry
• To increase public awareness of antenna related issues
Reference: COST IC0603
Funding: EU/COST
Start Date: 01-02-2007
End Date: 01-05-2011
Team: Custódio José Oliveira Peixeiro
Local Coordinator: Custódio José Oliveira Peixeiro
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