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Project: Secure Widespread Identities for Federated Telecommunications

Acronym: SWIFT
Main Objective:
SWIFT will develop a standards aligned model for user data linked to identities or personae with the user in control of the information exchanged. It will separate management from resolution of identities at all layers, i.e. from the service to link, considering both privacy and “need-to-know” concerns.
SWIFT’s user-centric Id approach addresses three views: 1) users have complete control over privacy and disclosed information dependent on the service accessed; 2) services can use a generic treatment of authentication, authorization, access control independent of the layer services managed by a unique identity; 3) commercial players can leverage new business solutions for operator, service provider or 3rd parties through its federation approach.
As a STREP, SWIFT aims to primarily impact technology research and related standardization in the manufacturing and telecom operator domains. The consortium is balanced accordingly. The social and legal domain will be addressed by liaisons and cooperations.
Reference: FP7 ICT-2007-215832
Funding: EU/FP7
Start Date: 01-01-2008
End Date: 01-06-2010
Team: Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar, André Ventura da Cruz Marnoto Zúquete, Alfredo Matos
Groups: Telecommunications and Networking – Av
Partners: Fraunhofer SIT, NEC Europe Ltd., Deutsche Telekom AG, Dracotic, University of Murcia, IT Aveiro, University Stuttgart, Alcatel-Lucent, Portugal Telecom Inovacao SA
Local Coordinator: Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar
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