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Project: Next Generation Passive Optical Networks

Acronym: NGPON
Main Objective:
Passive optical networks (PONs) have evolved to provide much higher bandwidth in the access network, attracting
therefore significant interest from both standardization organizations (ITU-T and IEEE) as well as industry and service
providers. PON technology is recognized as the most economical solution for the introduction of optical fibre in the
access network, stimulated by the need to increase the bandwidth offered to subscribers, matching it with the transport
capacity of metropolitan networks.
Although the PON systems provides higher bandwidth than traditional copper based access networks, there is a growing
demand for further bandwidth increase through application of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). This way
several parallel data channels can be employed in downstream and/or upstream direction. Additionally, data security
issues arising from Point-To-Multipoint architecture with inherent broadcast nature of the downstream channel require
closer analysis of the potential threats and means of mitigation utilizing e.g. active countermeasures against malicious
activities through identification and isolation of suspicious ONUs
It is our goal therefore to analyze in detail (theoretically and practically) the transition process from current TDM to
future WDM-TDM PON systems, focusing on the development of low-cost colourless Rx/Tx module for ONUs as well as
introduction of active elements into currently passive splitter/combiner module, allowing for remote enforcement of
security measures. Additionally, we will attempt at demonstrating operation of IEEE 802.3 – 2005 compliant EPON
equipment using colourless Rx/Tx modules developed in during this project, indicating the potential market applications
of the developed solution.
Reference: Na
Funding: ASI, Nokia Siemens Networks SA
Start Date: 01-04-2007
End Date: 01-12-2008
Team: Paulo Sergio de Brito Andre, Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira, Carlos Vicente, Henrique José Almeida da Silva, Paulo Miguel Nepomuceno Pereira Monteiro
Groups: Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av, Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Co
Local Coordinator: Paulo Sergio de Brito Andre
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